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Paradeisos Coffee Company

Paradeisos Coffee - Finca La Hermosa - Guatemala - Light Roast

Paradeisos Coffee - Finca La Hermosa - Guatemala - Light Roast

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This is a special lot from Guatemala.  Grab a bag while it lasts!!! 


Max Fernando Pérez Ríos/La Hermosa Cooperative


Acatenango, Guatemala


Fully Washed, Dry Fermentation, Patio & Mechanically Dried 15+ European Preparation



Cupping Notes:

Bright Orange, Great Complexity & Mouthfeel. Dark Date/Fig Orange. Slight Strawberry with Warm Honey Sweetness. Ripe Pear/Applesauce Acidity as cools.


Paradeisos - (par-ad’-i-sos) - παράδεισος

Paradise: A place of peace and unity, where love and dignity reign.

We believe everyone can experience paradise, starting by sharing an excellent cup of coffee with a stranger.

Your purchase from Paradeisos Coffee Company helps restore lives, providing employment, dignity and healing to a person familiar with homelessness and the hardships of life.

Together, we can build paradise one cup at a time.

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