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Paradeisos Coffee Company

Paradeisos Coffee - Manos De Mujer - Guatemala - Light Roast

Paradeisos Coffee - Manos De Mujer - Guatemala - Light Roast

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About this coffee

Guatemala Manos de Mujer comes from the ACODIHUE cooperative in the mountainous territory of Cuchumatan, Huehuetenango near the border with Mexico. Manos de Mujer is grown and produced by indigenous women who are now the owners of their land as a result of widowing from a civil war and men migrating into the United States. ACODIHUE certified the women producers as Manos de Mujer (Women’s Hands) to recognize the hard work of these women and their contribution to both their households and to the national economy. One of the major benefits for producers belonging to ACODIHUE are the investments that the cooperative makes into the community. ACODIHUE recently launched a vegetable gardening skill building program where women can learn to farm their own vegetables to feed their families and also sell to local markets for extra income.

Only 22% of ACODIHUE's annual production goes under the designation of Café con Manos de Mujer, representing a refined selection of the cooperative's coffee. The ripe Manos de Mujer coffee is picked by hand during the harvest season, which begins shortly after Christmas and lasts until nearly Easter. The coffee is grown at an average elevation of 1500 meters above sea level. The most common varieties are Red and yellow Bourbon, as well as Typica and Caturra.




Fully Washed


1400-1600 MASL

Cupping Notes:

The 2022 lot of Guatemala Manos de Mujer exhibits many of the same exceptional qualities from prior harvests, with sweetness and balance across the roast spectrum. This year, lighter roasts display a bright acidity, juicy body and notes of tart cherry, honey, maple syrup, stone fruit, and vanilla.


Paradeisos - (par-ad’-i-sos) - παράδεισος

Paradise: A place of peace and unity, where love and dignity reign.

We believe everyone can experience paradise, starting by sharing an excellent cup of coffee with a stranger.

Your purchase from Paradeisos Coffee Company helps restore lives, providing employment, dignity and healing to a person familiar with homelessness and the hardships of life.

Together, we can build paradise one cup at a time.

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