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Paradeisos Coffee Company

Paradeisos Coffee - Golden Hour Blend - Light Roast

Paradeisos Coffee - Golden Hour Blend - Light Roast

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A distinctive, rotating blend of our nicest coffees, the Golden Hour is an absolute sweetheart blend. The Central American components bring chocolate, praline and creamy body, while the East African component adds jasmine aroma and berry sweetness. Combined, they produce a sweet and clean cup to please the most discerning drinker. Excels in pour-over or drip, and absolutely stunning as a lighter roast, the Golden Hour also holds up extremely well as a juicier take on traditional, medium-dark espresso. Currently the Golden Hour Blend combines washed Guatemalan and naturally processed Ethiopian coffees.

The Golden Hour Blend was designed for those looking for an exceptionally sweet and complex blend with deep chocolate and berry notes. Lighter roasts really let the fruit shine, bringing out tart raspberry, dried cherry, and nougat. For darker roast styles we taste more chocolate, fruit leather, and toasted marshmallow.


Paradeisos - (par-ad’-i-sos) - παράδεισος

Paradise: A place of peace and unity, where love and dignity reign.

We believe everyone can experience paradise, starting by sharing an excellent cup of coffee with a stranger.

Your purchase from Paradeisos Coffee Company helps restore lives, providing employment, dignity and healing to a person familiar with homelessness and the hardships of life.

Together, we can build paradise one cup at a time.

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